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Please send papers to:

Redakcja "Studiów Pelplińskich”
Plac Mariacki 7, 83-130 Pelplin
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The articles should not have been published in any form or given to other journals to be published. All the papers are subject to evaluation and assessment by the editors. Every article undergoes a review by two independent experts. Both authors and reviewers do not know their identity. The evaluation criteria as well as the list of reviewers can be found in the website. An author will be notified about his or her paper's acceptance or rejection and further instruction about necessary amendments may be given. As soon as the editing process is complete, the authors will be sent the ultimate version of the text for final acceptance. The editors may wish to publish the paper online on the "Pelplin Studies" website. There is a deadline for reviews of books already published. In the case of Polish books the period of time between the publication of the book to be reviewed and the "Pelplin studies" edition cannot be longer than 2 years. For foreign book this deadline is prolonged to 4 years..

Ghostwriting and guestauthorship checks

The editors of "Pelplin Studies", in the effort to counteract the practice of ghostwriting and guestauthorship asks the authors to provide the information regarding the contributions made by other persons (this include the details of their collaboration and involvement such as the authorship of the main concept, of the assumptions, of the method or the protocols used in the process of writing the paper). However, the key responsibility belongs to the person who submits the article to the editors. Should the cases of ghostwriting or guestauthorship be revealed, the editors will inform the institutions connected to the authors such as their academic boards, the research societies or the scientific journal associations. The statement that the authors are asked to submit after the paper has been accepted should provide the details about the funding of the publication as well as any contribution made by research centres, scientific bodies and other institutions.

Formatting guidelines

All the papers to be published should meet the following criteria:

  • saved in one of the following formats: *.doc, *.docx or *.rtf
  • maximum length of the paper not exceeding 15 A4 pages (30000 characters)
  • font type: Times New Roman, size - 12, 1,5 gap between lines with paragraphs marked by "enter" only, no word division, no words in bold or underlined, all margins width - 2 cm
  • all citations and bibliography formatted according to "Pelplin Studies" guidelines (available on the website)
    language correctness of the text
  • to be attached in Polish and in English: summary (800 characters with spaces in Polish and 1500 characters with places in English, title and alphabetically ordered keywords (not more than 10)
  • the bibliographical note of the author should include: names, date of birth, academic degree, current occupation, correspondence address, e-mail.

We strongly encourage to publish your papers in "Pelplin Studies"

Quotation guidelines

Any sources quoted should be listed in the form of a footnote at the bottom of the page according to the Oxford method and separation by comas. The initial quotation should have the entire bibliographical entry and the next ones can have the abbreviated form. At the end of the paper the bibliography should added.

The format of the footnotes is the following:

  • for books: first name initial, last name, the title in italics, publication place and year, page number(s) referred to
  • for papers in edited books: first name initial, last name, the title in italics, the mark 'in:', the book title, the abbreviation 'ed.' editor's name initial and last name , publication place and year, page number(s) referred to
  • for journal articles: name initial, last name, the title in italics, journal title in inverted comas, publication place and year, volume number, page number(s) referred to
  • for online sources: first name initial, last name, the title in italics, website link, access date
  • in the shortened form the following abbreviations should be used: Ibid., op.cit, etc.
  • W zapisie skróconym stosować następujące formy: tamże, tenże, tejże, dz.cyt., …dz. cyt.

Should you have any questions, please contact the editor.

The criteria for reviewing the papers

The reviewers apply the following criteria for paper evaluation:correspondence between the title and the contents

  • correspondence between the summary and the keywords and the contents
  • substantial value of the research done
  • paper's structure
  • correctness of the scientific terminology used in the paper
  • adequacy of the conclusions made
  • formal correctness of the quotations made
  • paper's printability.

The scanned version of the review template is to be found in the attachments.


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