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The main editor of "Pelplin Studies" is the Provost of the Priestly Seminary of Pelplin. The journal contains articles from such fields of knowledge as Sacred Theology and Humanities. The first volume was published in 1969 as an initiative of the Most Revd Bishop Kazimierz Jozef Kowalski. The aim of the journal in those days was to reanimate the activities of the academic and research circles of the Culm (Chelmno) Diocese which had been flourishing in the interwar period. Another ambition of the journal was fostering local research focused on the Pomerania region and to contribute to the ecclesial renewal that followed the Second Vatican Council.

The publishers of "Pelplin Studies" in the chronological order were: the Diocesan Curia (1969-1983), the Priestly Seminary of Pelplin (1984-1989), The Publishing House of the Priestly Seminary of Pelplin "Bernardinum" (1990-1997) and the Provost of the Priestly Seminary of Pelplin (since 2013).
The main editors of "Pelplin Studies" were: Rev. Eugeniusz Wajszczak (1969), Rev. Waclaw Eborowicz (1971-1979), Most Rev. Bishop Zygfryd Kowalski (1980-1981), Rev. Jerzy Buxakowski (1982-1992), Rev. Wieslaw Mering (1996-2002), Rev. Antoni Baczkowski (2003-2013) and Rev. Janusz Szulist (since 2013).

"Pelplin Studies" is a reviewed research journal. The criteria for prospective papers and the details of the review process can be found on the journal's website:

The purpose of the "Pelplin Studies" journal is to integrate the researchers of the Diocese of Pelplin and to promote on the national and international level the research activities done in the Pomerania region.

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